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How can FRAVIZEL help?

Our new Mobile Line decreases energy consumption by more than 70%.

  • Hybrid machines;
  • Avoid the emission of up to 85% CO2 annually (which is equivalent to 14,000 liters of diesel);
  • If we look only at the energy consumption it pays the machine from the 6th year of continuous use;
  • Adapt easily to your quarry, they make it happen fast at the quarry front;
  • They are able to manage and memorize data;
  • They possess the most sophisticated technology on the market;
  • Less people allocated to the squaring phase.

Electra with tracks or wheels
Video of Electra with tracks or wheels
Electra stands out because it is a self-contained machine that allows you to position yourself in the most desirable position in the cutting range. With our remote control and telescopic arm, you can easily position the cutting system on any bench. In addition, it stores data - cutting time, length and height of cut (area), productivity control, through 4.0 technology.

Compared to other types of processes, Electra avoids the emission of up to 85% CO2.
Victoria with tracks or wheels 
Victoria on Wheels Video
Victoria positions itself on top of any dropped bench without the need for another machine and with only one operator and manage and store data.
It increases the efficiency of water and energy use, reduces the resources allocated to each stage and reduces maintenance costs.

Victoria avoids emissions of up to 76% CO2 per year. And if the energy is from 100% renewable sources, the annual avoided emissions are even higher.